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Industrial and consumer goods

The ICG platform is accessible via a multilingual web interface, which means that there is no need to install any additional software. All you have to do is sign in using a valid EDS and start trading.

There are two trading modules available on the ICG platform:

ICG procurement ICG trading

The former is designed for the domestic market and serves primarily as an e-procurement platform for state-owned companies.

The latter is an import-export tool used by Belarusian and foreign companies to carry out cross-border transactions with a wide range of commodities.

ICG trading module is more flexible and efficient than ICG procurement module but the maximum transaction amount is capped at 12 000 USD. For larger transactions ICG procurement module is to be used.

Featured below is a quick start guide for the ICG platform. Just follow these simple steps to get the most out this powerful trading tool.

  1. Get your free electronic digital signature (EDS) and sign an exchange service contract in your Personal account.
  2. Study the Rules of exchange trade and Regulations for trading industrial and consumer goods at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange.
  3. Sign up for and complete a free training course from which you will learn how to use BUCE trading system.
  4. Watch video tutorials and look through the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ).
  5. Study the list of commodities traded on the ICG platform.
  6. If you are trading with a security deposit, transfer the required amount in compliance with the Regulation on security deposits
  7. Select one of the trading modules: ICG procurement or ICG trading
  8. Use your EDS to sign into the selected trading module and submit your bid(s) or offer(s).
  9. Take part in the online trading session.
  10. Based on the results of the trading session, use your EDS to sign the exchange contract and the list of executed transactions.
  11. Register your exchange contract within the given deadline.
  12. Pay the exchange fee based on the list of executed transactions.
  13. Notify the Transactions Monitoring Department regarding the fulfillment of executed transactions.

Useful extras:

Bid/offer specification
Exchange contract
Commodities (groups of commodities) listed at BUCE