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Registering an exchange broker’s client

To register a client the broker must follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in all the required forms with information about the client in the Personal account,
  2. Attach copies of the following documents:

For residents of the Republic of Belarus:

  • certificate of incorporation,
  • power of attorney according to the form (Supplement 8)

For foreign residents:

  • legalized* extract from the trade registry of the country of incorporation. This document must be no more than 1 year old, contain the name of the company and its legal address, as well as information about the powers of company's officials. The extract is to be translated into the Russian or Belarusian language and the translation must be properly notarized.
  • legalized power of attorney for a trader with notarized translation into the Russian or Belarusian language according to the form (Supplement 8).

*Legalized documents – documents issued in foreign country and meeting one of the following requirements:

  • obligatory consular legalization in case the applicants are residents of countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents from October 5, 1961 (Apostille Convention) or have no agreements for legal support with the Republic of Belarus;
  • have apostille stamp, according to the Apostille Convention;
  • have been issued by a government body and have its official stamp seal (only if the country has an agreement for legal support with the Republic of Belarus).

Applicants should also provide original copies of the extract and the power of attorney within 5 calendar days after provision of electronic copies to BUCE Customer Service (Belarus, Minsk, Kazintsa Str. 2–200). BUCE shall approve or deny registration of a broker’s client within 3 working days after receiving the original copies of registration documents.