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Exchange quotations

One of the major tasks of any commodity exchange is to publish exchange quotations that indicate the real cost of exchange commodities. The objective nature of exchange quotations allows using them as a price indicator while executing transactions on BUCE’s electronic trading platforms and in the OTC market.

BUCE also publishes price results of exchange trades for commodities that are not traded on a regular basis as well as for goods with lot sizes below the minimum value permitted by the Rules of exchange trade applied at BUCE.

All outdated exchange quotations and price results are automatically transferred to the archive accessible only to subscribers of BUCE’s information services.

Exchange quotations
Quarterly exchange quotations

A quarterly exchange quotation is the price of exchange commodities (commodity groups) based on the results of exchange trades over the period of three months (quarter) preceding the beginning of the next quarter. Quarterly exchange quotations are determined by analyzing the whole range of price factors using standardized criteria and methodology.

Quarterly exchange quotations are particularly valuable for long-term exchange transactions with variable prices as they allow assessing the transaction parameters and execute it on the most favorable terms.

OTC quotations

In accordance with government regulations, BUCE publishes monthly OTC quotations for exchange commodities. These quotations keep market participants and regulatory authorities informed about the prices for exchange-traded commodities in the OTC market.

Pricing factors such as specifications, volume, terms of payment and delivery are the main parameters for calculation of exchange quotations in the exchange and OTC markets.