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Information services

  • Subscription packages
  • Individual selections on request
  • Real-time access to trading data

To ensure maximum flexibility and convenience, all information is divided into blocks based on corresponding sections of the Exchange commodity market review. These blocks are mixed in various combinations to form the following subscription packages:

  • «Standard» – allows choosing one out of 3 information blocks: «Metal», «Timber», or «Agro».
  • «Standard Plus» – is an extended version of «Standard» package featuring a combination of two information blocks: «Metal + Agro», «Metal + Timber», and «Agro + Timber».
  • «Premium» – includes 3 information blocks («Metal», «Timber», «Agriculture») and an electronic copy of the Exchange bulletin.
Information blocks Periodi city Subscription package Selection
on request
Standard Standard Plus Premium
1 Review. General information (grey pages) every month
2 Review. Metal (blue pages)
(including exchange quotations and auctions price results)

(one optional block)

(two optional blocks)
3 Review. Timber (green pages)
(including exchange quotations and auctions price rasults)
4 Review. Agro (orange pages)
(including exchange quotations and auctions price rasults)
5 Data and Analytics Magazine «Exchange bulletin» quarterly
6 «Selections of statistical data from all the sections»
(including quotations and auctions price results archives)
on request
1 selections per quarter
(4 selections per year)

2 selections per quarter
(8 selections per year)

Requesting individual selections from BUCE database is by far the most flexible and efficient way of obtaining information about the exchange commodity market of Belarus. One can customize the request to include data on any commodity covering any period. The requested data array may contain prices, transaction volumes, indexes, sales structure, rankings of traders and brokers, etc. The only exception is information considered a commercial secret in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Belarus.

Data selections can be presented as diagrams, tables, or in any other suitable form. They can be one-time deals or provided on a regular basis to meet the clients’ information needs.

This service comes bundled with standard subscription packages or can be rendered independently.

For more details about individual selections on request call +375 (17) 309-32-90 or email

Price list for foreign residents

Service package Fee (without VAT),
VAT Rate, % VAT amount,
Fee (with VAT),
Up to 30 information rows 12.50 20 2.50 15.00
30–50 information rows 20.83 20 4.17 25.00
51–100 information rows 29.17 20 5.83 35.00
101–300 information rows 41.67 20 8.33 50.00
301–1000 information rows 50.00 20 10.00 60.00
1001–2000 information rows 57.50 20 11.50 69.00
2001–3500 information rows 62.50 20 12.50 75.00
3501–5500 information rows 70.00 20 14.00 84.00
5501–8000 information rows 78.33 20 15.67 94.00
8001–11000 information rows 87.50 20 17.50 105.00
11001–14500 information rows 105.00 20 21.00 126.00
14501–18500 information rows 117.50 20 23.50 141.00
18501–23000 information rows 125.00 20 25.00 150.00
23001–28000 information rows 137.50 20 27.50 165.00
28001–34000 information rows 145.83 20 29.17 175.40
34001–40000 information rows 155.83 20 31.17 187.00

* price information of a specific item, taking into account the detail parameters required by the user.

Besides the retrospective analysis, which helps better understand the current situation in the market and make projections about its future course of development, there are plenty of useful market data that can be collected in real time during exchange trades. BUCE grants access to this information as part of its «Online access to the information about transactions during exchange trades for metal products» service.

It enables a trader to get detailed information about all transactions executed during a trading session while the trading session is still in progress. Thus, the trader can see in his/her trading module how many transactions have been made, for what kind of commodities and at what price. The only thing that remains concealed are the names of companies that have made said transactions, as this is considered a commercial secret. The trades can use this real-time data feed to adjust his/her trading tactics during the active phase of the trading session, which would be impossible with quotations and indexes that become available only when the trading session is already over.

For more details about the real-time data service call +375 (17) 309-32-90 or email