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Statement of claim

The Statement of Claim submitted in compliance with the requirements established by the Rules of the Arbitration Commission serves as the grounds for initiating the proceedings. The Statement of Claim must contain:

  • date of filing the statement of claim;
  • name and location of the persons who are parties to the arbitration, their postal address and bank details;
  • basis for the jurisdiction of the Arbitration Commission to consider the dispute;
  • the circumstances on which the plaintiff bases his claim;
  • the evidence confirming the plaintiff's claim;
  • amount of the claim, in case it is subject to monetary valuation;
  • calculation of the exacted or disputed amount;
  • the plaintiff's claim with reference to the legislative acts;
  • information on compliance with the order of the pre-trial disputes settlement, in case this requirement is stipulated in the contract;
  • the documents confirming the state registration as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, and for the plaintiffs outside the Republic of Belarus - the documents confirming their legal status and authority of the person who signed the claim to submit the statement of claim;
  • the list of documents attached to the statement of claim.

At the same time the document confirming payment of the arbitration fee should be attached to the Statement of Claim.

The plaintiff is entitled to ask the Arbitration Commission in the Statement of Claim to initiate the proceedings in the absence of his representative.

The Statement of Claim may contain other information that is necessary for the proper settlement of the dispute.

The Statement of Claim shall be signed by the plaintiff or his representative. The power of attorney or the other document confirming the representative's authority to sign the Statement of Claim should be attached to the Statement of Claim signed by the representative.

The Statement of Claim shall be submitted to the Arbitration Commission with copies amounting to the number of the defendants.

The claim shall contain only the Statements of Claim arising from one exchange transaction (contract). In case the submitted Statements of Claim arose from different transactions (contracts), each such Statements of Claim shall be formed as a separate claim with payment of the arbitration fee for each claim.