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Exchange fee

BUCE charges an exchange fee as payment for its services provided to exchange trade participants. The fee is calculated as percentage of the amount of an executed exchange transaction (excluding VAT) and is payable by both – the seller and the buyer.

BUCE sets exchange fee rates upon approval of the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus. The exchange fee rate depends on the type of commodity, transaction amount and may vary for buyers and sellers.

The exchange fee is payable based on the list of executed exchange transactions that an exchange trade participant is to sign and submit to BUCE after each trading session.

When making an exchange transaction in foreign currency, a non-Belarusian participant pays the exchange fee in the currency of the exchange transaction in accordance with the exchange fee rates, whereas a resident of the Republic of Belarus pays the exchange fee in Belarusian rubles. In the latter case, the exchange fee amount payable to BUCE is calculated based on the exchange fee rate applied to Belarusian participants with adjustment designed to factor in the exchange rate of the foreign currency.

Failure to pay the exchange fee on previously executed exchange transactions can serve as a basis for BUCE’s refusal to accept any bids/offers to the upcoming trading session. This may also be the reason for refusal to register an exchange broker’s client.

Exchange fee rates for all commodity sections.

Bank details for paying the exchange fee.