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Exchange brokers

BUCE rules and regulations provide for 3 modes of participation in exchange trades:

  • as an exchange trade participant
  • as an exchange broker
  • as an exchange broker’s client

Practice shows that in some cases trading via exchange brokers proves more efficient than direct trading because:

  • brokers are professional market participants with extensive experience in the field;
  • brokers are interested in concluding deals on the most favorable terms for their client;
  • brokers usually assume some of the risks related to payment, quality control and delivery of goods;
  • brokers help their clients save time by allowing them to focus on their core business;
  • brokers can simultaneously participate in exchange trades for different commodity groups (metal, timber, agricultural products, etc.).


Additional information on how to become an exchange broker’s client can be obtained here.

Additional information on how to become an exchange broker can be obtained here.