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Online property auctions

The Government of the Republic of Belarus has authorized the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange to act as an operator of an electronic trading platform designed for selling real estate, movables and intangible assets (ETP “BUCE-Property”).

ETP “BUCE-Property” can serve as a one-stop-shop marketplace for buildings, vehicles, equipment, plots of land, leasehold interest, etc. Both public and private property items are eligible. Similarly, both residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus can be admitted as participants of electronic auctions.

To become a participant one needs to:

  • study the Rules and regulations for selling property and property rights at ETP “BUCE-Property” available at;
  • get accredited at ETP “BUCE-Property”;
  • place a security deposit;
  • file an application for participation in an electronic auction and submit the required documents.

Visit for more details.