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Traders are representatives of an exchange trade participant that act on his/her behalf in all matters related to buying and/or selling commodities on BUCE electronic platforms.

An exchange trade participant is to provide information about his/her traders during the accreditation procedure. Follow the rules below to record any changes in the roster of traders.


Registering traders

In order to use BUCE’s trading system every trader is to have a valid electronic digital signature (EDS). Once the EDS is acquired, the trader needs to enter his/her Personal account, generate a registration statement, sign it with the EDS and submit it to BUCE for review. BUCE reviews the submitted registration statements within the time frame indicated in the Rules of exchange trade. The trader is deemed registered as soon as his/her registration information is entered into BUCE trading system.


Excluding traders

In case of premature termination of a trader’s powers, the exchange trade participant is to notify BUCE about it no later than the next day following such termination by submitting a filled in, stamped and signed Trader powers termination form.

Original copies of all documents must be sent to BUCE Customer Service at: Belarus, Minsk 220099, Kazintsa 2, room 402, tel. +375 (29) 309-32-32.


Replacing traders

An exchange trade participant can replace a trader who has submitted a bid/offer or cancel the submitted bid/offer due to the trader’s absence no later than 30 minutes before the start of a trading session. To do this, an exchange trade participant is to submit a filled in and signed Trader replacement notice or Trader’s absence notice.

The notice must be sent to BUCE by fax: