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About us

Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange – the only mercantile exchange in Belarus and the largest spot exchange in Eastern Europe

Basic information

May 25, 2004

First trading session:
June 2, 2005

25 000 companies

Annual turnover:
USD 2.5 billion

Number of transactions:
400 000

64 countries

What we offer

  • One-stop-shop for accessing the commodity market of Belarus.
  • Ability to trade commodities and services.
  • Free pricing based on supply and demand.
  • Real commodities with guaranteed payment and physical delivery .
  • Millions of bids and offers very day.
  • An exchange trading platform and two specialized electronic platforms – for E-procurement and for property and property rights trading

Why us

  • Thousands of buyers and sellers around the globe.
  • Wide array of commodities.
  • Online trading.
  • Electronic documents.
  • Trade directly or through a broker.
  • Only reliable companies admitted.
  • Settlement via BUCE accounts (free letter of credit).
  • Choice of delivery basis.
  • On-site arbitration commission.

What you get

  • Simplified access to the Eurasian Economic Union.
  • Transaction monitoring and follow-up.
  • Professional brokers.
  • Data and analytics services.
  • Free training, software and electronic signature.