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Arbitration fee

The arbitration fee charged by BUCE Arbitration commission for adjudication of property disputes arising from exchange transactions depends on the amount of claim and is calculated as follows:

Amount of claim (basic units*) Arbitration fee
up to 100 5%, but not less than 3 basic units
from 100 to 500 4%, but not less than 5 basic units
from 500 to 1000 3%
from 1000 to 10 000 2%
over 10 000 1%

* As of 01.01.2020, one basic unit is 27 BYN

For settlement of non-property disputes, a claimant is charged an arbitration fee of 10 basic units for each claim with the exception of claims made by sole proprietors who are to pay an arbitration fee of 5 basic units for each claim.

If the claim contains several statements of claims, the amount of claim is calculated as sum of all statements of claim.

Residents of Belarus are to pay the arbitration fee in Belarusian Rubles (BYN), while foreign residents – in foreign currency based on the exchange rate set by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day the claim was submitted.