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BUCE launches export of Miory Steel products in September

On September 3, BUCE will host the first export trades with metal products manufactured by Miory Steel. Several foreign traders registered on BUCE have already expressed interest in buying Miory Steel products.

“We have a pool of regular buyers of Belarusian metal products. These are mostly EU companies and they are likely to be the first participants of the forthcoming trades”, Evgeni Bureiko, BUCE head of Metals Trading, said.

He also stressed that BUCE’s foreign partners, including exchange brokers, will be closely involved in the preparation for the trades.

“Within the next couple of weeks we intend to expand the list of potential buyers by bringing in new companies from markets with a strong demand for flat steel. Our brokers in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland will be assisting us with this task. This said, I project pretty tough competition among participants of the first trades”, Evgeni Bureiko noted.