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USA top the list of major casein buyers on BUCE

Since the beginning of the year, casein exports via BUCE have surged by 2.5 times reaching 2.1 mln USD. More than a half of this sum came from transactions made by American companies that use Belarusian casein to manufacture sports nutrition products, paints, glue and plastics. Compared to the same period last year, shipments to the US market have increased 2.2-fold.

Besides USA, the list of major casein buyers includes Germany and Poland with 0.6 mln USD and 0.3 mln USD worth of transactions correspondingly.

Interestingly, it is only recently (in mid-May 2020) that casein sales have started to rebound. Before that, for nearly 5 months there were no successful casein trades on BUCE. The upward trend established 3 months ago is the result of a favorable situation in the world market and primarily in the United States. Deficit of casein caused by a sharp decline in production volumes in the main exporting countries helped “whet the appetite” of foreign buyers for the Belarusian protein product and made its price skyrocket during the trades in June and July.