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Termination of authority

Exclusion of traders

One private person can be registered as a trader for only one participant of exchange trades.

In case of premature termination of a trader’s authority, the exchange trade participant is to notify BUCE about it no later than the next day following such termination by submitting a filled in, stamped and signed Trader authority termination form.

Trader authority termination form filed by a legal entity is to be:

- drawn up on the company’s letterhead paper; - signed by the company’s CEO; - stamped with the corporate seal.

Trader authority termination form filed by a private person

Please, take notice that original copies of the above documents must be submitted to BUCE Customer Service.

Mailing address: Belarus 220099, Minsk, Kazintsa 2-200

The trader will be excluded from BUCE trading system only after Customer Service receives the original copies of said documents.