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Softwood and hardwood timber, processed wood, wood chips, planting stock (seedlings and foundation stock), seeds

Bids and offers for the following softwood and hardwood timber products are accepted:

  • softwood and hardwood timber, trimmed and untrimmed
  • wooden sleepers (softwood and hardwood) for underground railway systems, semi-sleepers (impregnated),
  • wooden planks for railroad switches, bridge ties, guard beams,
  • woodchip fuel, pulp chips, fuel briquettes, fuel pellets, refuse wood (chippings, slabwood, sawdust, etc.),
  • floorboards, decking planks, parquet boards, window boards,
  • window aprons, floor skirting, rails, faux beams, block-house planks,
  • wooden doors, door units made of wood and wood-based materials, balcony door units, window units,
  • fencing wood, picket boards, planed paling,
  • wooden H-beams for formwork,
  • planting stock (seedlings, foundation stock), seeds (acorns), Christmas trees, etc.

Information about lots currently available for purchase is regularly published on BUCE website.

Bids/offers submission deadline:

bids - before 13.30 on the day of trading,

offers - before 16.45 two working days prior to the trading session.

More info:

tel. +375 (17) 309 37 07, fax 309 37 96, E-mail:

Bids and offers are to be submitted before 18.00, on Friday - before 16.45. The deadline for submitting bids and offers does not include the day when a bid or offer is submitted and the day of the actual trading session.

To submit bids and offers one needs to install WoodBidLoader software and have a valid electronic digital signature issued by BUCE.