Transaction Monitoring

Exchange Deposit Use

The exchange deposit is transferred to the sub-account of the Exchange on basis of Deposit Agreement, which is a supplement to the Exchange Service Contract. The amount of exchange deposit is determined by the details of potential transaction and it must be transferred to the sub-account no later than 2 workdays before the trading session. Here you can find the sub-account requisites with currency differentiation for both residents and non-residents of Belarus.

Before making the exchange transaction the exchange deposit of the exchange trade participant is free. Free exchange deposit is the amount of money located at the Exchange's sub-account, not providing obligations fulfillment on Exchange Transactions Contract and the Exchange Service Contract, and available for the exchange trade participant to dispose of this sum in certain limits and till a certain moment. 

Free exchange deposit can be applied in the following ways: 

  • To be transferred back to the exchange trade participant within 3 workdays after the reception of the original of Assignment of the participant. The exchange deposit cannot be the ground for access to the auctions after this transfer.
  • Used during the payments under the Exchange Service Contract.
  • Used during the payments under the Exchange Transaction Contracts (after the original of Assignment is accepted).
  • Can be taken into account during the admittance of the exchange trade participant to the next trading session. 
    Exchange trade participant is entitled to make exchange transactions to the extent of the sum collateralized by the free exchange deposit. In case an exchange transaction is worth more than the collateralized sum, such transaction is not registered by the Exchange.

Under aforementioned requirements the correspondent sum of the free exchange deposit is blocked at the sub-account of the Exchange until all the obligations are fulfilled. Free exchange deposit turns into blocked one. It becomes the collateral, and the exchange trade participant who provided the deposit cannot use it until complete fulfillment of obligations under Exchange Transaction Contract and Exchange Service Contract. 

In case the exchange trade participant or the exchange broker client fails to fulfill his obligations, the Exchange has the right to do the following:

  • Redirect the exchange deposit to repay the arrears in exchange fee.
  • Transfer the exchange deposit to the party affected under the Exchange Transaction Contract.
  • Deduct the exchange deposit in favour of the Exchange to take action against violation of the Exchange Trade Rules.

The exchange deposit becomes free (unblocked) after the Exchange accepts the documentary confirmation of the obligation execution by the exchange trade participant or his client.

If you have questions regarding the use of the free exchange deposit (repayment or transfer of it to the counterpart), please call +375-17-309-37-04 (speaking Russian only).