Transaction Monitoring

Exchange Deposit Unblocking

Fulfillment of contractual obligations under exchange transaction and under Exchange Service Contract means that blocked exchange deposit can be unblocked now and used in accordance with laws and regulations of the Exchange (see «Exchange Deposit Use»). The exchange deposit is located at the Exchange sub-account and provided earlier for collateralization.

Electronic copies of the documents on obligation fulfillment (original documents are not required) should be sent to the following e-mails:

If needed, the Transaction Monitoring Department may require other documents confirming the fulfillment of obligations for exchange transactions. The documents containing incomplete list of fulfilled obligations are not submitted for review. The same is true for the improperly drawn up documents.

The exchange deposit can be unblocked gradually as the commitments for each separate transaction are fulfilled in case the Exchange TransacContract includes several exchange transactions.

The exchange deposit is unblocked (and becomes free) within 3 workdays after the acceptance of such documents. The information about the amount of free and blocked exchange deposit is located in Personal Account of the exchange trade participant.