Transaction Monitoring

Access to the Exchange Auctions

Participation in the exchange auctions requires close adherence to the requirements established by the laws and regulations of the exchange. Only in case all the requirements are fulfilled the exchange auction mechanism will function without failing whereas the exchange trade participants will execute the exchange contracts.

The Exchange takes into account the fulfillment of all the established requirements and puts the data about non-fulfillment to the Personal Account of every participant (section «Remarks»). Every trader needs to study this information as the denial of the access can have serious consequences. The trader must determine this fact no later than 1 day before the start of the trading session.

The exchange trade participant can participate in the exchange auctions only if he has no remarks. For that reason every exchange trade participant must be sure that all the requirements are fulfilled and Personal Account has no remarks. Obviously the denial of access to the exchange auctions is the restriction to participate in the exchange activity.

These procedures are the basis for the access to the exchange auctions.

Reasons for the access denial:

  • Arrears in exchange fee payments.
  • Lack or insufficiency of free exchange deposit.
  • Non-fulfillment of commitments under earlier signed exchange contracts.
  • Previously imposed sanctions (charge in case of non-payment, denial of access to the exchange auctions until the sanction expiration date).
  • Expiration date of the exchange trade participant accreditation.

In case there are any remarks, you need to get rid of them and if needed, contact the correspondent exchange department: 

  • Arrears in exchange fee payments  (+375-17) 309 32 40, 224 17 84
  • Lack of free exchange deposit  (+375-17) 309 37 04
  • Non-fulfillment of commitments under contract for sections:
    • Metal products  (+375-17) 309 37 53, 309 37 93
    • Timber products  (+375-17) 309 37 05, 309 37 06
    • Agricultural products  (+375-17) 309 37 06
  • Non-signing in time of an Exchange Contract for sections:
    • Metal products  (+375-17) 309 37 63, 309 32 84
    • Timber products  (+375-17) 309 37 65
    • Agricultural products  (+375-17) 309 37 13
  • Section of industrial and consumer goods auctions  (+375-17) 309 37 13

Requests of exchange trade participants for the access to exchange auctions are analyzed daily until 4.00 pm (on Friday until 3.00 pm) on the day before the exchange auctions.