Trade for Timber

Wood Resources of Belarus

Forests hold the key position among the natural resources of the Republic of Belarus as one of the most significant and unique renewable resources of the country. They accounted for 39.3% of the country's territory. The overall forestry resources in Belarus amount to more than 9.5 mln hectares. The total timber stock is estimated at 1.7 bln cbm, including mature timber – 263 mln cbm. Every year there grows timber by more than 32.1 mln cbm in the forests of the country.

Subject to the designated purpose exploitable forests occupy 49%, the rest of the area is occupied by sanitation and hygiene, health, protective, water protective forests and specially protected natural territories. Forests contain the following main species: coniferous – 60%, hardwood (oak) – 3.5%, softwood (alder, birch, aspen) – 36.5%. According to the statistical data, there are more than 0.85 hectares of wooded land and more than 173 cbm of timber stock per 1 inhabitant of the country. For a number of indicators with regard to forest resources, Belarus is one of Top 10 of the leading forest countries in Europe.

All forests in the Republic of Belarus belong to the exclusive property of the country. Therefore, forestry of the Republic is a dynamic sector of the real economy. In 2016, there was harvested 22.0 mln cbm of merchantable wood in the forests of the Republic, which resulted in including Belarus in the number of major European exporters of timber products.

Functioning of timber products sales system is regulated by a number of legislative acts in the country. Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange is the main trading platform, where the Belarusian timber products are sold on the domestic market and for export. 230 foreign buyers from 20 countries operate actively at the platform. The largest consumers of timber products are presented by Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, China, Great Britain, the Netherlands. The total volume of timber products sold in 2018 via the exchange auctions accounted for EUR 719.7 mln in monetary terms.