Trade for Agriproducts

Agriculture of Belarus

The most important sector of the economy of the Republic of Belarus due to its geographical location, climatic conditions and historical traditions is presented by agriculture. The agricultural sector includes primarily meat and dairy stock farming and crops growing.

Its technical equipment allows the country to have high economic performance. For example, Belarus was ranked 1 in milk production per capita in the CIS countries and 4 in Europe. The country has about 16% of the world flax crops, and Belarus is included in the top five countries among the 26 countries flax growing in the world. The Republic is included also to the list of the 7 leading potato growing countries and it takes 1st place in potato production per capita. Growing sugar beet and having four large sugar plants let Belarus be able to meet its own demand for sugar at fully 100%.

The overall picture is complemented by the developed agro-industrial sector. All this allows the Republic of Belarus to be a major exporter of agricultural products.

A large part of agricultural products is sold at exchange auctions. The total number of the participants of exchange auctions with agricultural products encompasses more than 500 organizations that are not only the representatives of meat and dairy, fat-and-oil, baking industries of the Republic of Belarus, but also companies from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, the UK, Italy, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries .

In 2018, turnover at the agricultural products section amounted to the equivalent of EUR 350.7 mln (in kind - 654 thsd tons).