Procurement & Property Sales

Property E-Auctions

In accordance with the Belarusian legislation Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange is the operator of E-trade Platform for Sales of Property and Property Rights (ETP «BUCE-Property»,

Buildings and constructions, vehicles and equipment, land parcels and rights of making rental contract may be the subjects of these auctions.

Both residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus can buy the real estate and property rights at the ETP «BUCE-Property».

Requirements for participation in the auctions:

● Study the Regulations of E-auctions for Property and Property Rights Management at the ETP «BUCE-Property». The document (only in Russian) can be found in the «Правовая информация/Нормативные документы биржи» section.

Get accredited at the ETP «BUCE-Property».

● Provide the deposit.

File an application for participation in e-auctions, as well as the essential documents.

Documents for accreditation and participation in e-auctions should be provided to the Exchange head office located in Minsk, at Kazintsa str., 2, Room 410.

The Exchange provides free training (only in Russian) at the ETP «BUCE-Property». You can register in advance and get additional info about training by phone +375 17 309 32 49.

E-trade platform is available only in Russian, therefore your company will need a Russian-speaking representative to participate in e-auctions.

Contacts of Public Procurement and Property Sales Department of the Exchange:

Phones: +375 17 309 32 49 (only RUS), +375 17 309 32 09 (only RUS)



More information (only Russian):