On April 7, BUCE head office played host to a meeting between Oleg Yakubovich, BUCE Senior Vice Chairman, and Giovanni Scacciaferro, CEO of e-PlatForm (Italy).

In the course of the talks, the sides discussed promising areas of cooperation. Among other things, BUCE and e-PlatForm consider exchanging information about bids and offers submitted by their clients. This way, e-PlatForm members will gain access to BUCE’s client base, which encompasses over 16 thousand organizations from 57 countries. At the same time, Belarusian enterprises accredited by BUCE will be able to expand and diversify their sales markets by trading with e-PlatForm partners via BUCE.

In addition, BUCE and e-PlatForm studied the possibility of collaboration in logistics. Thus, BUCE-accredited transportation and logistics centers in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany and Baltic States could be used by e-PlatForm clients for shipping goods sold to EU companies by suppliers from Belarus, Russia and other members of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to review the ideas voiced during the talks and come up with specific proposals that will help unlock the potential of mutually beneficial cooperation.

For reference: founded in 2014, e-PlatForm is an electronic trading platform focused on B2B procurements. At present, it has over 1000 registered members.