On August 16-23, 2015, BUCE delegation, headed by Arkady Salikov, Chairman of the Board, had a business trip to Beijing and Shanghai (People’s Republic of China).

The BUCE working group held talks with the heads of Chinese group of companies Alibaba Group, that is the largest e-commerce concern in China. During the meeting, parties shared experience in the field of e-commerce development in China and considered the issues with regard to joint projects implementation in the sphere of transboundary e-commerce. That resulted in the parties agreement on cooperation in the field of applications for sale distribution of Belarusian commodities on the Alibaba Group electronic platforms, with the assistance of BUCE.

The BUCE representatives also held a meeting with the top managers of Chinese
e-commerce platform JD.COM. JD.COM is a second largest company on the
e-commerce market in China after Alibaba Group. JD.COM administration confirmed their interest in e-commerce instruments arrangement of Belarusian products sales in China.

The BUCE delegation held negotiations with the managers of China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association, China Forestry Exchange, Shanghai Timber Trade Association aimed at Belarusian timber products sales increase in China that may result from Chinese importers attraction to trading platforms of BUCE. Within the talks the parties agreed on the list of perspective commodities for mutual trade and further working out the optimal logistics routs for shipment of Belarusian timber to Chinese consumers.

Moreover, the BUCE representatives had a meeting with Chinese business circles engaged in trade of metal products, agricultural, industrial and consumer goods.

The business trip to China will result in establishing long-term business relations with the leading e-commerce platforms in China, increase Belarusian export to PRC and attract new Chinese companies to BUCE exchange auctions.