On April 28, 2015 the working meeting of Oleg Yakubovich, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC, with the Heads of Iranian company Paidar Sazan Paitakht was held.

Paidar Sazan Paitakht is a leading trading company of Iran, and at the same time it is one of the largest manufacturers of furniture and timber products in the region.

Within the meeting the representatives of the Iranian business circles were informed about possibilities of BUCE in electronic and exchange trade and the main advantages of the commodities procurements and sales with use of the exchange mechanism.

The negotiations resulted in achieving the agreement on considering the possibility of the company Paidar Sazan Paitakht accreditation at the Exchange for further procurements of sawn timber and other timber products produced in the Republic of Belarus and participation in electronic exchange auctions with industrial and consumer goods.