On March 16-19, 2015 Jan Beyoglu, head of Indeks A.S., paid an official visit to the Republic of Belarus upon BUCE’s invitation. During his stay in our country, Mr. Beyoglu got familiar with the industrial potential of Gomel Region by visiting a number of major industrial companies, including Svetlogorsk Pulp and Board Plant OJSC, Rechitsadrev OJSC, Gomeldrev OJSC, Rechitsa Metalware Plant OJSC, and BMZ OJSC.

In addition, the Turkish businessman met with top management of Bellesbumprom Concern, UE Bellesexport, Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after V.I. Kozlov, SPA Beltopgaz, and Interdoors JLLC. In the course of the talks, the sides discussed possible sales and promotion of Belarusian products in Turkey and other countries of the region using BUCE’s electronic and exchange trade instruments.

As a result of the visit, BUCE and Indeks A.S. agreed to consider the possibility of creating a joint Belarusian-Turkish venture that would render brokerage services to Turkish companies interested in trading via BUCE. This will help expand the list and amount of goods purchased by Turkish companies at electronic and exchange auctions and encourage more active use of the exchange mechanism in Belarus-Turkey bilateral trade.

For reference: Indeks A.S. – is one of Turkey’s leading manufacturers of generators, accumulators, loaders and motor yachts. Starting March 4, 2015, Indeks A.S. is BUCE’s official representative in the Republic of Turkey.