On August 19, 2015, a delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Iraq’s Maysan Province visited BUCE head office to get familiar with BUCE’s core activities and study prospective areas of cooperation.

During the talks, the representatives of the Iraqi business community learned about BUCE’s main operating principles as well as key advantages of using the exchange trade mechanism in cross-border trade. The Iraqi businessmen were particularly interested in exports of Belarusian agricultural products and timber that could be competitive in terms of price and quality on the market of Iraq.

In addition, the sides discussed the use of BUCE’s electronic trading platform of industrial and consumer goods (ICG) as an effective instrument for boosting trade between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Iraq. Construction materials, parts for machines and equipment and foodstuffs were identified as the most promising commodities. The meeting ended with the agreement to accredit willing Iraqi companies at the exchange and utilize Maysan CCI’s extensive network of business contacts to promote BUCE’s service in Iraq.