On April 10, 2015, a delegation from South Korea represented by Li Mi Yung (Public Procurement Institute of Korea Public Procurement Service) and Soy Jing Sok (AHNSE law firm) visited BUCE head office.

During the talks with BUCE top management, Korean experts received detailed information about BUCE’s capabilities in exchange and electronic trade as well as about BUCE’s activity as an operator of the electronic trading system for public procurement in electronic form. In particular, BUCE representatives provided exhaustive answers to the questions of the Korean delegation regarding the procedure of electronic auctions, access of foreign companies to such auctions, peculiarities of using the electronic digital signature and criteria for including a company into the list of dishonest suppliers.

The Korean side, in its turn, shared useful experience of arranging and holding public procurement auctions in the Republic of Korea and suggested collaborating with BUCE’s Public Procurement Department in information, experience and technology exchange. Such cooperation is bound to facilitate the development of public procurement systems in both countries.

For reference: the centralized public procurement system in the Republic of Korea is based on Korea ON-line E-Procurement System (KONEPS) that contains detailed information about all customers and suppliers. At present, KONEPS is used by some 44 thousand government agencies and 230 thousand suppliers. In 2005, the UN Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business named KONEPS an international standard in public procurement.