BUCE representatives took part in the 11th All-Russia Forum “Goszakaz-2015. Say yes to fair procurement” held in Moscow on March 11-13.

The agenda of the Forum included some of the most burning issues related to public procurement such as rational government spending, maintaining competitive environment, reduction of administrative barriers, legal regulation, expansion of the range of traded commodities, information support, etc.

Kirill Pilkevich, head of BUCE’s Public Procurement Department, made a speech at the conference “A single information system as a basis of public procurement information space. Best international practices”. The speech was dedicated to “Practical aspects and future outlook for the public procurement system in the Republic of Belarus”.


Mr. Pilkevich told the participants about the development of the public procurement system in the Republic of Belarus paying particular attention to the latest novelties in this field. He also informed the attendees that starting from 2015 all price inquiry procedures are held in electronic format. In addition, Mr. Pilkevich shed some light on the problem with access to information about complaints arising from public procurement procedures. According to him, such information is now freely accessible to anyone thus ensuring that the complaint review process is completely transparent.

The system of procurement involving the use of companies’ own funds was covered in the speech as well.