On November 22-27, 2015, BUCE working group made a business trip to Tel-Aviv (Israel) to attend specialized international exhibitions IsraFood, KitEx, and HotEx and take part in negotiations with Israeli companies.

In the course of a series of business meetings, the Israeli business community received detailed information about the procedure and peculiarities of buying and selling commodities at BUCE’s electronic trading platforms. In this regard, the Israeli side confirmed the demand for Belarusian products in the market of Israel as well as the interest of local companies to sell their goods in Belarus using the electronic and exchange trade instruments provided by BUCE.

The agenda of the visit also included a meeting with the administration of Israel-Belarus Chamber of Commerce that resulted in the agreement to compile a list of commodities that could be traded at BUCE and join efforts in a bid to involve more Israeli companies in exchange trade as sole traders or exchange brokers.

In addition, BUCE representatives visited Israel Diamond Exchange where they held talks with the leading diamond exchange traders. As a result, the parties agreed to arrange a return visit of IDE delegation to BUCE in order to study the possibility of launching an electronic jewelry trading platform in Belarus.