On November 18, 2015, Minsk played host to the international workshop “High-tech processes and techniques for raw materials processing and dairy production” organized by Molinform (Russia). The event gathered representatives of 65 dairy producing and processing companies from Belarus, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia.

During the workshop, Victor Dereshov, head of BUCE’s agricultural products section, delivered a speech on the use of BUCE’s electronic trading platforms to trade dairy products. He told the participants of the workshop about the structure and key peculiarities of the exchange dairy market of the Republic of Belarus as well as the role of BUCE as an effective instrument for ensuring sustainable growth of Belarus’ dairy exports. Special attention was paid to the advantages of using BUCE’s electronic trading platform of Industrial and Consumer Goods for buying dairy products and a wide range of equipment, machines and components for dairy plants.

Based on the results of B2B talks, BUCE and several attendees of the workshop agreed to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with the first step being accreditation at the exchange and participation in exchange auctions.