On February 3, 2015 the 6th meeting of SOYUZMOLOKO National Dairy Producers Union was held as part of the International specialized cattle breeding exhibition AgroFarm 2015 (Moscow, Russia).

Attending the meeting among others were Arkadi Dvorkovich, Russia’s Vice Premier and Dmitri Yuryev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture as well as representatives of local authorities from 30 constituencies and over 400 private companies.

BUCE delegation took part in SOYUZMOLOKO meeting upon invitation of the Union’s administration. The participants of the meeting adopted a draft resolution containing a package of measures designed to prevent Russia’s dairy market from spiraling out of control.

In this respect, the Belarusian delegation came up with an initiative to include into the draft resolution the recommendation to use the exchange mechanism as a means of regulating the Eurasian Economic Union markets.