On June 22, 2015 Minsk hosted the 9th session of Belarus-Switzerland joint committee for trade and investment chaired by Alexander Guryanov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Livia Leu, Delegate of the Federal Council for Trade Agreements, Member of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

In the course of the meeting, BUCE representative informed the participants about the possibilities of using BUCE’s electronic trading platforms and logistics services to boost bilateral trade. The parties also shared information on the current situation and future development of national economies and explored a wide range of issues relating to the cooperation in finance and insurance, customs affairs, science and technology, air freight, banking and tourism.

For reference: at present, 17 Swiss companies are accredited at BUCE. 4 of them trade agricultural and metal products (over 6 million USD worth of transactions were concluded during 2012 – May 2015) and 13 participate in electronic auctions at BUCE’s government procurements platform (during 2013 – June 2015, they made 277 bids winning a total of 70 tenders to the tune of 75 million USD).