On April 3, 2015, a regular session of the Council of the International Association of Exchanges of CIS states took place in Moscow. Oleg Yakubovich, Senior Vice Chairman of BUCE Board, attended the event.

The Council reviewed the current situation in the financial and exchange markets of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia, as well as mutual access of brokers (as part of the EEC project “On mutual access (accreditation) of brokers and dealers of EAEU member states to national exchanges).

Apart from that, the members of the Council approved the annual report on the financial and economic performance, the balance sheet, and the profit and loss statement of IAE CIS for 2014 as well as the budget estimate for 2015.

The session resulted in the decision to approve the draft Agreement on accreditation of brokers and dealers of EAEU member states at national exchanges.