On January 19, 2015 Kirill Pilkevich, BUCE’s Head of Public Procurement,   took part in briefing dedicated to the “Latest amendments and addenda to the public procurement laws of the Republic of Belarus” and hosted by BelTA press-center. During the meeting with the local media, public procurement experts answered the questions regarding the application of Presidential Decree No. 657 that amends Decree No. 590 of December 31, 2013 “On public procurement of goods (works, services)”.



In particular, the new Decree states that from now on all price quotation requests must be made in electronic form at specialized electronic trading platforms. In this respect Kirill Pilkevich said that BUCE is technically and institutionally ready for application of the new legislation: the trading software has been updated and a new revision of the Electronic Procurement Regulations has been drafted.

The participants of the briefing also learned that in a bid to help procurers and suppliers master the new electronic procurement procedure BUCE arranges free training workshops at its head office in Minsk and at branch offices in Belarus’ regional cities. Besides, no registration fees will be charged to procurers that submit their price quotation requests before March 1, 2015.

The updated trading software that incorporates all the recent changes in the public procurement legislation is available at BUCE’s electronic trading platform starting from January 20.