On March 23, 2015 BUCE head office played host to a workshop (the first one in the series) dedicated to the possibilities offered by BUCE’s electronic trading platforms in terms of promotion of Belarusian products domestically and abroad. The event was arranged by BUCE in association with Minsk Capital Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers and Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship.

The workshop gathered 23 Belarusian companies engaged in manufacturing and sales of metal products, production equipment, construction materials, auto parts, as well as development of electronic payment systems and business software. The participants of the meeting received detailed information about the electronic trading procedure and advantages of using exchange instruments when buying or selling goods. The attendees of the workshop also acquired practical skills of working with BUCE’s trading system.

It is expected that this and subsequent workshops will facilitate more active participation of Belarusian economic agents in electronic trades and auctions at BUCE. In future, such awareness-raising events will be held on a weekly basis.