On October 9-10, 2015, Oleg Yakubovich, BUCE Senior Vice-Chairman, paid an official visit to Moscow (Russian Federation) to meet with administration of Russia’s two leading electronic trading platforms – B2B-Center and ETP GPB.

On October 9, accompanied by Vitali Kolos, Head of BUCE’s Moscow office, BUCE Senior Vice-Chairman held talks with Vadim Potrashkov, B2B-Center Director for Strategic Development. The sides reviewed the results of implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between BUCE and B2B-Center in Q3 2015 and discussed technical aspects of using electronic digital signatures, joint promotion campaigns, customer base sharing and other activities designed to bolster partnership between the organizations.

On the same day, BUCE working group also participated in negotiations with Mikhail Konstantinov, General Director of ETP GPB, and Svetlana Zubareva, Deputy Director of ETP GPB. The sides shared information about BUCE’s and ETP GPB’s key performance indicators and prospects for further development, considered the most effective ways of interaction between the two electronic platforms and looked into the possibility of establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.