BUCE took part in the meeting of the General Assembly and the 18th Annual Conference of the Association of Futures Markets that were arranged in Krakow, Polandon April 23-25, 2015. Within the programme activities, the negotiations on development of interexchange cooperation with the representatives of this organization were held. As a result, not only promising areas for cooperation with members of the Association and the practical steps to fulfill the previously reached agreements were determined, but also new business contacts were established, which let inform the representatives of business circles about the possibilities of electronic trading platform of BUCE.

Vladimir Torchyk, Strategic Development Director, participated in the round table discussions "Cross Exchange Partnerships. How can a local market benefit from co-operation with an established international market?".

During the business trip to the Republic of Poland, the negotiations on arrangement of interexchange cooperation with the representatives of the largest exchange organizations of Poland (Polish Power Exchange, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Warsaw Commodity Clearing House JSC) were held, and moreover, the most important areas for collaboration were defined.