On September 15-16, 2015, BUCE representative attended the 5th Global Wood Trade Conference in Shanghai (PRC).

During the panel meeting that took part as part of the softwood and hardwood suppliers section, BUCE expert informed the participants about the export potential of the Republic of Belarus focusing on the capacities of BUCE’s timber trading platform. B2B talks with several Chinese companies interested in buying Belarusian timber were held as well. In particular, BUCE and Belmet Shanghai Trading discussed shipments of Belarusian plywood and lumber to China, while the administration of Ewoods Electronic Trading Platform agreed to consider publishing offers of Belarusian timber exporters on the platform’s website. Additionally, BUCE representative held negotiations with top managers of international logistics company MUR Shipping Holdings B.V. that voiced willingness to ensure safe transportation of timber purchased at exchange auctions from Baltic seaports to PRC ports.

BUCE representative also met with Consul General of the Republic of Belarus in Shanghai to elaborate a joint plan of measures aimed at promotion of BUCE’s services in China, including but not limited to cooperation with the world’s largest online trading platform Alibaba.