On May 20-23, 2015, a BUCE representative took part in the Third Eastern Partnership Business Forum “Eastern Partnership and business cooperation beyond its borders”. During B2B talks, BUCE expert made a presentation titled “Using BUCE electronic trading platforms to bolster interregional trade: best practices and outlook for the future”. The participants of the talks received detailed information about the peculiarities of using exchange platforms (primarily the industrial and consumer goods platform) in cross-border trade.

In addition, BUCE representative met with Alexandr Izgorodin, Director of the Foreign Relations Department at the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, to discuss the assistance with involvement of Lithuanian companies in exchange trade, whereas the talks with BUCE representative in Latvian Republic focused on the possibility of Latvian construction companies placing bids and offers at the industrial and consumer goods platform. The results of these meetings will be used to develop a set of measures aimed at expanding BUCE’s cooperation with the business community of Baltic States as one of the most promising markets for selling Belarusian products via the commodity exchange.