On November 13, 2015, BUCE Moscow office played host to a video conference between BUCE and Sberbank administrations.

In the course of the talks, BUCE experts provided detailed information about BUCE’s capacities and practical aspects of trading agricultural products at exchange auctions. Sberbank representatives, in their turn, told about the government project to organize exchange trade in fish products and presented the currently applied and prospective factoring schemes that could be used by BUCE.

Additionally, during the talks with top-management of Slavyanski Mir group of companies (Sberbank’s partner assisting with implementation of “Fish market” and “Agricultural cluster” projects), a decision was made to register Slavyanski Mir as a trader thus enabling it to purchase Belarusian commodities at exchange auctions.

Concluding the negotiations, the sides agreed to continue the constructive dialogue and develop an algorithm for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

For reference: Slavyanski Mir group of companies is the owner of Russia’s largest construction mall “41 km MKAD” as well several shopping and logistics centers in Moscow and its suburbs.