Industrial & Consumer Goods

Software Platform

There is no need for the participants of the exchange auctions to download and install a special software. All auctions are held online at the exchange's website.

The Software Complex «Exchange Auctions for ICG» is aimed at selling and buying a wide range of goods both on the domestic and foreign markets. It provides the user with instrumental and technological support for preparation, conduction and presentation of the results of exchange auctions, a set of specialized functions required for performing actions in accordance with the Regulation on Exchange Auctions for ICG.

The exchange auctions in the SP «Exchange Auctions for ICG» are held in Russian and English on a 24-hour-a-day basis via the Internet directly from the offices of the participants.

To participate in the exchange auctions it is sufficient to do the following:

  • for a trader to complete free training on working at the Trading System of the exchange that is held on the schedule,
  • to visit the exchange's website, click the section «Industrial and Consumer Goods» on the Main Menu line and then the button «To Participate in Exchange Auctions for ICG» on the Vertical Menu,
  • enter the Trading System using the Electronic Digital Signature (EDS),
  • start working.

By the way, real offers to buy and sell goods are freely available at the SP «Exchange auctions for ICG» for non-accredited users.

Please read carefully the objectives of the Software Platform «Exchange Auctions for ICG».

  • To study the Regulation on Exchange Auctions for ICG please click the link.
  • To study the Trader's Guide in the SP «Exchange Auctions for ICG» please click the link.