Industrial & Consumer Goods

Advantages of the Exchange Auctions for ICG

ICG Section provides the participants of electronic exchange auctions with a number of key advantages:

  • buyers can choose promptly the best product at the price formed under the terms of supply and demand balance,
  • sellers can receive an additional channel for selling and buying goods, streamlining and optimizing the trading process,
  • sellers and buyers can obtain access to unique information resources of the exchange, maximize profits from every single transaction, accelerate the trading process and reduce the associated costs.
  • At the same time, the participants of the exchange auctions for ICG have particular additional advantages over other market players that use other methods for holding procurements:
  • short procurement period (within 1 day);
  • publicity of exchange auctions - information about exchange auctions is available for all visitors of the exchange's website, including manufacturers of goods and/or first suppliers, which reduces the risk of overpricing by dealers;
  • responsibility for exchange auctions arrangement is delegated to the exchange – in this case there is no need organize and prepare the bulk of documentation required for participation in the auctions and be responsible for the accuracy of exchange auctions holding;
  • establishment of the best price for a buyer in terms of maximum competition between sellers.