for Transactions Monitoring

Exchange Transaction Contract  sale and purchase contract which consummates exchange transaction.

Exchange Deposit amount of money transferred to the Exchange by the exchange trade participant that collateralizes the fulfillment of obligations under Exchange Transaction Contract and Exchange Service Contract.

Blocked Exchange Deposit amount of exchange deposit of the exchange trade participant located at the Exchange account, which guarantees the obligation fulfillment under Exchange Transaction Contract and under the Exchange Service Contract. This sum cannot be used by the participant until complete obligation fulfillment.

Free Exchange Deposit amount of money of the exchange trade participant located at the account of Exchange. The amount doesn't secure the commitment fulfillment under the exchange transactions and the exchange service contract. It can be used in accordance with specified terms.

Exchange Trade Participant legal entity of the Republic of Belarus, foreign, international legal entity (organization that is not legal entity) or individual accredited by the Exchange to participate in the exchange auctions as a visitor of the exchange auctions and/or as an exchange broker.

Personal Account of Exchange's website section of Exchange's website consisting of dynamically formed pages containing information about the exchange trade participants from the database of exchange trading system regarding accreditation and access to the exchange auctions, including the circumstances denying the exchange trade participant access to participation in trading session; information about the exchange transactions made by the exchange trade participant, signed and registered exchange contracts and other information defined by the exchange.

Sanction action taken against the violator of the Exchange Trade Rules and other local regulations of the Exchange regulating the exchange trade and establishing certain restrictions to participate in exchange trade and other consequences.

Trader  individual person, representative of the exchange trade participant, authorized to make exchange transactions.