Getting Started

What Is EDS?

Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) is a sequence of symbols, a requisite element of a signed e-document.

EDS is an analogue of an original signature of an individual, used in e-document turnover, electronic registration of transactions, banking payment services, e-commerce and other spheres of electronic economy. EDS validates the e-document and makes it equally valid to the paper document, signed and stamped by an authorized individual.

EDS is essential for the following:

  • Control of e-document integrity.
  • Protection from e-document forgery.
  • Proof of e-document authorship and impossibility of repudiation.

Basically, EDS is a common but indispensable instrument of e-trade.

First of all, you should decide on the type of the EDS you need. There are different types of EDS – for example, one for participation in the exchange auctions and the other for e-procurement at the exchange e-trade platform. You should press either of two buttons at the top of this text in order to make a choice.

You will be redirected to the Web-site of Unitary Enterprise on Rendering Services «Certifying Authority «BUCE» which issues the EDS. This Web-site will provide you the information on what to do when obtaining the EDS, possibilities and types of services, deadlines for submitting documents and obtaining the EDS, documents packages for non-residents of the Republic of Belarus, payment and document variants.