Getting Started

Get Accredited at the Exchange

According to the Rules of Exchange Trade, the Exchange makes a decision about the accreditation of your company. If you agree to work via exchange deposit, the decision will be made within 1 business day; if you don't, then it will be made within 3 business days.

After the specified term you have to enter Personal Section to make sure about it. You will come to «Недопуск (Non-Admission)» section by default. So go to «Аккредитация (Accreditation)» section, where you will see the new status of your company – «Аккредитован (Accredited)».

It means the Exchange Service Contract between your company and the Exchange has been signed and your company was accredited at the exchange as an exchange broker or as an auctions visitor.

This is the end of accreditation process. Wish you successful trade!

Notice: Once again, all the documents are the electronic documents signed by the EDS of both parties to an Exchange Service Contract. If you need a paper copy of the contract, please click here and follow the instructions.