Getting Started

Get Accredited at the Exchange

Please pay attention, that this page covers accreditation for participation in exchange trade only, and the whole process of accreditation takes place at this Web-site.

Notice: if you decide to go for procurements, you should accredit at the Web-site of Electronic Trading Platform for e-Procurements ( You can find there a step-by-step instruction manual on EDS and accreditation; all info is in Russian.

Accreditation takes place at this Web-site in Personal Section (press the correspondent button in the right upper corner of the screen). The whole process is in Russian and conducted by your trader who already owns the EDS.

First of all, trader launches auxiliary software (see Install Software section) – cryptographic software (CryptoBUTB.exe) and a program «Client for the EDS Creation».

Trader should authorize in the Personal Section via EDS (choose his EDS Сontainer and enter a password for it). After logging in you will see the Сurrent Status of your company («Неаккредитованный участник (Unauthorized Participant») and its information form, which has already been partially filled in by your trader during EDS reception. Trader fills in empty fields one by one and saves the info where necessary (info about applicant company, its CEO, bank details, trader's information, etc.).

Having made it, trader moves to the Documents section, where the e-documents of Personal Section are located, in order to draw up an Exchange Service Contract, – on basis of the example provided by the Exchange, or on basis of his own example.

Pressing the button «Зарегистрироваться на бирже (Register at the Exchange)» trader triggers verification of all the data and documents. In case there is lack or incorrectness of information, the trader will be informed about it.

At the next step trader signs the information, choosing his EDS container and entering the password. When sign «Операция выполнена успешно (Operation was successfully fulfilled)» will appear – it means that everything was successfully signed with the EDS. Pressing OK button makes drawn up data and documents available for consideration by the Exchange.

We recommend to have one more look at the information and documents sent to the Exchange. After it you can quit the system, as the drawing up and transfer of all the documents to the Exchange for consideration is over.

The simplest explanations of accreditation process can be found here (all the materials in RUS):