Getting Started

Complete Staff

According to the legislation, a trader is an individual who has reached the age of 18. The individual should be a trader of only one exchange trade participant. The Exchange has no professional requirements for your traders.

Your company can have as many traders as you want. It's up to you to establish requirements for your traders as well (qualifications, language skills, etc.).

Trader has a lot of obligations: to represent your company at the Exchange, participate in the exchange auctions, conclude exchange transactions, have access to the Personal Section and work with the information provided, draw up, sign, register, redirect e-documents, etc. Major part of these activities is available only if the trader has electronic digital signature (EDS). That's why getting the EDS is his first obligatory action.

In order to obtain the EDS the trader should turn to Certification Authority «BUCE» that provides an electronic basis for the exchange activity, commercial confidentiality, verifies authenticity of documents and issues the EDS.

Trader should provide all the necessary documents, information about your company, proceed with all the formalities, pay for the services and in the end, obtain the EDS.

The next step is the installation of the specialised software for filing the bids to buy/to sale of exchange commodities, and for participation in the exchange auctions (software should be installed on the computers used for exchange trade).

All the abovementioned activities of a trader are just the beginning, and they are needed at the very first stages of the exchange trade.