Getting Started

Complete Staff

The Trading system of Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange, as well as the major part of its documents, is in Russian. Currently we are translating the software of the Trading system into English, but still, it takes time.

Therefore, we strongly advise you the following:

Completing your staff find the traders, whose Russian is proficient enough to successfully fulfill all the tasks essential for the exchange trade,


Become a client of an exchange broker who is already accredited at our exchange and has a Russian speaking staff.

Either decision will eliminate all the language barriers and prevent the mistakes.

Staff includes employees, directly involved in the exchange trade. They will be your plenipotentiary at the Exchange, will be entitled to participate in the exchange auctions and conclude transactions for the benefit of your company, as juridical relations unite them and your enterprise.

They will be provided with special e-tools that allow working in the Trading System of the Exchange and in the System of Exchange E-document Turnover, allow the verification of authenticity and invariability of the electronic documents, provide commercial confidentiality, etc.

According to the exchange's glossary, they are traders  individuals acting for legal entity.