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Belarus posts republican budget surplus at 1.3% of GDP in January-February 2012
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2012.04.09 | Belarus posts republican budget surplus at 1.3% of GDP in January-February 2012

Belarus’ Finance Ministry posted a republican budget surplus of 0.9 trillion Belarusian rubles (Br) (U.S. $111.5 million at the NBB rate) in January-February 2012, or 1.3% of GDP, an official with the Finance Ministry told reporters.

The republican budget indicates spending and revenues of the central administration, whereas the consolidated budget also includes local budgets.

Republican budget revenues amounted to 11.6 trillion rubles in January-February 2012, or 12.5% of the target for the whole year.

Revenues from the value-added tax amounted to 4.9 trillion rubles (14.6% of the year target), from foreign economic activities 2.9 trillion rubles, 11.6% of the target.

Republican budget expenditures reached 12.5 trillion rubles, 13.4% of the target for 2012.

Expenditures on welfare, science, culture, healthcare, mass media, sports, education, etc. amounted to 6 trillion rubles, 13.6% of the target for 2012, national economy expenditures were at almost 2 billion rubles, 11.7% of the target, and general state expenditures at 2.9 trillion rubles, 15.1% of the target.

The 2012 republican budget revenues are projected at 92.772 trillion rubles, and expenditures at 92.772 trillion rubles. Hence, Belarus is expected to have a zero-deficit budget in 2012.