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2011.06.27 | ALL NEWS
OJSC Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange

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2011.06.27 | ALL NEWS


● Belarus, EurAsEC agree Belarus’ budget deficit ’11-13 at not more than 1.5% of GDP more

● Finance Ministry: Belarus’ foreign debt at safe level, within 25% of GDP more

● Belarus receives first tranche of EurAsEC loan more

● EU freezes assets of 3 Belarusian companies, imposes other sanctions more

● Stats Committee says real individual incomes up 18.3% Jan-Apr 2011 more

● PM sees no need to revise ambitious socioeconomic development program ’11-15 more

● Lukashenko: Belarus may shut its borders to import if economy situation proves catastrophic more

● Ministry says public sector employees’ incomes to be indexed 26.6% in May more


● Russia’s Mechel obtains Pionerskoye iron ore license in Yakutia more

● Russia’s MMK gets iron ore license in Chelyabinsk Region more

● NLMK to launch upgraded continuous casing machine in Oct–Dec more


● Official: Russian watchdog may ban meat imports from Germany more


● Russia, EU ink accord seeking to resume vegetable supplies more

● EU: Ban on vegetable imports may delay Russia’s accession to WTO more

● Statistics: Russia’s meat output up 7.5% on year in January–May more

● Statistics: Russia’s agricultural output up 0.6% on yr in Jan–May more

● IFC to invest 16.8 mln euros in Danish co with farms in Russia more

● Brestskoe Pivo to make 600,000 decaliters of beer under license deal with Obolon more

● Trade Ministry defines high-priced alcoholic beverages subject to free trade more

● Belarus’ Heineken group breweries’ output up 45.5%/yr in Jan-May more

● Israeli ASHRA corporation to up credit support line for projects in Belarus to $160 mln more

● Lukashenko reiterates may sell Belaruskali based on $30 bln value more

● Semashko denies Belarus’ talks with Uralkali over sale of Belaruskali more

● PRESS: Uralkali expected to launch bid for Belaruskali within months more

● Belarus won’t apply control stamps to water, vinegar, dietary supplements more

● Sberbank says Kerimov’s companies apply for financing to buy stake in Belaruskali more

● Belaruskali’s potash fertilizer output up 15.2%/yr in Jan-May to 3.416 mln tns more